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Reiki Services Offered

Since engaging with it, Reiki has been such a help with managing my anxiety, various physical pains, and helping me to have better rest at night which has improved my mood overall. These important impacts are what led me to become a Level II Certified Usui Reiki practitioner. My training in Reiki healing practices allows me to offer both in person and distance Reiki work for my clients.

While Reiki alone is powerful, I highly recommend the add on of an intuitive reading. This provides me an opportunity to see what additional insight your spirit guides and ancestors may have for you through the pulling of cards and attention to my clairs. This also offers time for you to process your experience with my support.

This 45-minute distance Reiki session can be completed with or without client present. Christina will perform an aura cleansing to remove stagnant or negative energy and a realignment of your seven main chakras. 

This 60-minute session includes all facets of the distance Reiki sessions but will take place in person. These are limited to women and transgender identified persons located in Colorado. All in-person sessions require an initial video consultation with Christina.

This intuitive reading can be added on to either Reiki service. Christina can do a mini reading with intuitive messages (15-20 minutes) or a full reading with messages (20-30 minutes). This is an excellent add on for additional reflections following your Reiki session.

Assorted Crystals

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced (ray-key) that literally translates to universal life force. The practice of Reiki can be understood as a form of healing and relaxation through connection to the unseen universal life force energy that flows through all of us. Some religions would call the practice of Reiki a "laying on of hands" or simply prayer.  It can do no harm and is meant to help a person bring balance, become better, and remain on their highest path in life. 

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