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Individual Counseling

$110 per 45-minute session

If you're interested in working with us book an initial 15-minute screening call for free.

Visit our FAQ page for many frequently asked questions.

Working from Home

Identity Evolution

You are in a stage of life where you are experiencing shifts in either career, family, love, relationships, or more. As a result of these shifts, you are feeling like you need to rediscover what life looks like for you and who you are during and after this process. While this can be beautiful eventually, right now you are likely navigating feelings of grief, anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm. You are ready to get to a place where that weight is lifted off your chest and you can be in an energy of evolution. You are ready to live your BEST life! I want to help you get there. Reach out today.

Romance Ready

You're what your friends would describe as strong and successful, and they wouldn't be wrong. You've accomplished so much in your life already! But you have yet to be in a fulfilling and supportive romantic relationship. Sometimes it feels like you'll never get off the roller coaster of failed relationships. But you haven't lost hope and you're really ready to level up in your romantic relationships to match your success in other areas of your life. You're ready to do the work to experience the partner that you know you deserve.  If this sounds like you, let's talk.

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