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Relational Counseling

$145 per 60-minute session / $185 per 75-minute session

If you're interested in working with  us book an initial 15-minute screening call for free.

Visit our FAQ page for many frequently asked questions.


It's time. You're ready for the next step. Before you take it though, you'd like to spend some time with a person who has an outside perspective to work through what the next step looks like in practice. "Will we have children? If so, how many? Do our goals and dreams align? How will we navigate conflict? Who will work? Are we willing to care for each others parents in old age? What will our practices be around division of household labor? What are our financial goals and how will we work together to achieve them? Are we willing to relocate and under what circumstances?"


All these, and many more, important questions deserve to be considered prior to marriage. Let's get curious together! Reach out today.

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Committed Relationship(s)

What started out as a great relationship has come to an impasse where something is getting in the way of your ability to connect. Or maybe you and your partners are new(er) to polyamorous love and asking what you each want and need from this.


Either way, you're ready and willing to do the work so you can have the love and romance you each desire. You're experiencing change and need help in determining what your relationship looks like now.


If you and your partner(s) agree that therapy is the best next step, at Shadowborn Wellness you will experience a space that is safer while encouraging bravery and offering the compassion and knowledge needed to reach your goals. Reach out and let's get started today.

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Lesbian Couple with Son

Family Identity - LGBT+

Someone in your family has recently decided to invite you in and shared they are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. This is something you want to be supportive of but some of you in the family have questions and even some concerns.


Your family unit is going through a major identity change alongside your newly open LBGTQ+ loved one. Shadowborn Wellness will offer your family practical resources to support your transition as a unit, while also creating a container that allows for courage, love, understanding, and familial cohesiveness.


Acknowledging you all need help right now is an act of great love and we are happy to be allowed on this journey with you. Let's chat today. 

Family Identity - Relational

Your family has recently experienced a change and you are noticing that something is a little "off" in your family unit. Sometimes changes, big or small, can result in familial disruption

Maybe you have noticed that you are feeling more easily annoyed. Or your children seem like different people who cannot get along. Maybe everyone seems too busy to really be connected anymore.


If your family is ready to be better connected and to develop your new normal as a family reach out today. 

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