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Compassionately facilitating identity evolution during transition.
Collaborative in achieving healthier romantic relationships.
Empowering families in redefining their identity.
Queer Prom

Hey y'all. I'm owner, Christina Hughes.



To those on the outside looking in they see strength but in your alone time you're often asking yourself:

"why is everything so fucking hard?!"


It feels like at any moment everything may fall apart and despite your best efforts you can't figure out how to move forward as an individual or a family.


The intensity of the feelings inside keep rising. Your chest feels like it might explode. You and your partner are fighting more and your children seem so emotionally distant from you. You're exhausted by having to keep it together. But there isn't a space where you can let it all go because you're the strong friend. So, every day you get up and keep going.

If this sounds familiar, you sound like my ideal client.


While it is part of the human experience to continue evolving over time there can be feelings of anxiety, confusion, shame, and fear when going through these shifts. I'm most passionate about empowering BIPOC and LGBT+ millennial femmes and families to courageously navigate these changes with radical acceptance and love of self, viewing them as opportunities for exponential growth.


We offer collaborative counseling that focuses on increasing your self-efficacy in defining who you are on your path forward so you can experience more confidence, more ease, less fear, and less anxiety and overwhelm in your life.

"If I didn't define myself, for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies of me and eaten alive."

Audre Lorde, "Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet"

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Colorado, USA - Virtual
Texas, USA - Virtual


Counseling and Wellness Services

We Accept Loveland Foundation Vouchers for Counseling

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